About me

"Knowledge transfer and not keep it to yourself "

I have been training people since 2008 and I am always passing on my knowledge. I not only impart specialist knowledge with passion, but also soft skills. Your own advanced training is always in the foreground. There are more than 30 certificates in my collection.

My vita

An excerpt of my professional stations from over 10 years of professional experience. Diversity pays off.

Business consulting

Worked in an American management consultancy (S&P 500) in the area of purchasing and logistics


Worked in purchasing for a British engine manufacturer


Worked in a French global bank in purchasing


Worked at a renowned research institute in purchasing and logistics

The further vita

The adventure of self-employment grabbed me in 2015 and was realized from 2016.


Three different e-commerce projects have already been implemented

Car care

Online sales and branding of car care products and car detailing

Fire protection

Not a hobby, a passion. Volunteer fire department since 1999. Instructor for preventive fire protection


Passing on knowledge and not keeping it to yourself. Lecturing in various areas is based on this credo

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Let us discuss, without obligation, how you, too, will benefit from my knowledge.